1-2 year old male Border Collie Cross available for adoption

Rory is a 1-2 year old male Border Collie Cross. He was rescued as a puppy from a dump in Romania.

Rory was later adopted when he was around nine months old by a couple living in Tignes in France, but unfortunately, it’s not working out for poor Rory and we are now looking for a new home for him.

Rory can be adopted within France, or to a home in the UK. He is ready to travel as soon as we have a home for him to go to.

Rory is a wonderful dog with an active, adventurous nature. He loves being outside and has an amazing time exploring the Alps, rolling about in the snow and hiking up the mountains for long walks.

Rory has an athletic build and lots of stamina, so would be a perfect addition for someone looking for an energetic companion to explore with them. He would be ideally suited to a more rural setting.

Rory loves other dogs and has loads of canine friends that he’s met whilst living in France. We think that a home with another established resident dog might be beneficial for him, to improve his confidence around new people and help him settle more successfully into a new environment.

Rory lived in a pack before he was adopted and knows canine conduct well, so would likely appreciate a pal to live alongside.

Like many abandoned street dogs in Romania, Rory struggles to trust new people and finds unfamiliar situations quite overwhelming.

His current home is a small apartment and sadly it’s just not the right environment for him. Whenever people visit he becomes fearful and feels threatened.

His adopters are only able to deal with this by locking him in the bathroom, which is not fair to anyone.

Rory needs a home where he can have more space of his own so he’s able to distance himself from situations where he doesn’t feel comfortable, and he would also really benefit from a home with a garden, which he doesn’t have right now.

Rory is very well-behaved in the home and doesn’t show any signs of separation anxiety. He can be left alone without concern and will not cause damage, and he knows not to jump up on the beds or sofas.

Rory doesn’t chew, he rarely barks (apart from when meeting strangers or playing with other dogs), and he is fully housetrained. He’s well-mannered around food and his favourite treats are broccoli and peanut butter.

Rory’s family have made a conscious effort to try and socialise him in as many situations as possible, but Rory would prefer a calmer lifestyle. He loves being outside, but inside the home, he would prefer a laid-back home setting with fewer visitors.

Rory takes time to trust new people and needs a family who understands the importance and value of patience.

Once Rory has built a bond with you it’s so rewarding to get to know his personality and see him trust you. Rory is looking for a home without young children, so no one is under the age of 12 years.

Rory has not been around cats before, so we’re looking for a home without cats. Ideally, Rory’s new family will already have another dog, and if not, it would be preferable for Rory that they are experienced dog owners and can give him the understanding he needs to adapt to another new lease on life.

Rory is currently based in France and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to travel once he has a home to go to.

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