1 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross available for adoption

Maple is a 1 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cross. She spent months in the shelter in Cyprus and was a firm favourite with the volunteers.

She’s a friendly, well behaved and loyal girl, but sadly since arriving in the UK she has struggled to know how to share indoor space with a resident dog.

Despite their attempts to make things work, Maple’s family have made the sad decision to help her find a new home where she can truly flourish.

They recognise that she would be happier in a home where she’s the only dog, so that’s what we’re looking for now. Maple is still a young dog and has just turned one year old. She is clever, observant and keen to please pup who adores people and is a very sociable girl.

She is also a very strong willed and devoted breed mix, and therefore needs an adopter who is confident with bigger breeds and committed to continuing her training and socialisation.

We know that Maple was fantastic with other dogs in the shelter, but in the home she shows some signs of resource guarding and jealousy.

She has never had anything of her own before, and she doesn’t quite understand how to share at this point. Maple’s family describe her as absolutely wonderful.

She is loving, trusting and very, very affectionate. She is highly trainable, keen to please and eager to learn, picking new commands and direction up quickly.

She loves her home comforts and is very well behaved on the lead, walking to heal and listening to what she’s being told.

Her interactions with other dogs outside of the house have been great so far, and while she’s not a very energetic dog she is definitely ‘street smart’.

At present Maple is living with an eight year old and has been great with him. We are looking for a home without young children (12+) this time primarily based on reducing the risk of her resource guarding being exacerbated.

In a home with adults this behaviour can be easily managed so we don’t want to set her up for anything other than success.

She is also looking for a home with someone who is around a lot as she really craves human companionship and loves being with people.

Maple is currently based in Surrey and ready to meet her new forever family. If you would like to meet her please get in touch.

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