10 Best Puppy Brushes in 2022 – Reviews & Top Picks

Getting a puppy is one of the most exciting experiences a pet lover can look forward to. The puppy-dog eyes, endless playing, and flurry of kisses are just part of the excitement; buying your puppy all the gear they’ll need is another fun job you need to do to get ready for your new arrival.

When it comes to brushes, there are many options to choose from. In fact, there are so many that wading through them can take away from the excitement, and you can get lost in the numbers, materials, and coat-type information that comes with a deep search.

That’s why we looked at the reviews, purchases, and metrics of 10 of the best puppy brushes available and gathered them all together in one easy-to-read guide so you can get back to planning and excitedly preparing for your pup.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2022

The 10 Best Puppy Brushes

1. KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush – Best Overall

KONG Dog ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush

Material: Plastic
Color Options:  Boysenberry Blue, Puppy Raspberry Pink
Features:  Massages coat and skin, removes loose hair from the coat, lathers shampoo

The KONG ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush is timeless in its design and functionality. It’s a two-in-one tool that not only massages your puppy’s skin under their coat to spread natural oils and promote good blood flow but also quickly and easily removes loose hair from the coat.

The easy-to-use ZoomGroom is suitable for all coat types and dogs of all ages, and while it costs more for the pink version of the brush, its multifunctionality makes it the best overall puppy brush in 2022.

  • Promotes good blood flow to the skin
  • Easily removes shed hair
  • Sturdily made
  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • Can lather shampoo
  • Different prices for the same product in a different color

2. Ethical Pet Spot Grooming Glove – Best Value

Ethical Pet Spot Grooming Glove

Material: Rubber
Color Options:  Blue
Features:  Soft rubber nubs massage coat and skin, tangle removing shape, easily reach hard-to-groom areas, loosened hair and dirt stick to the glove

The Ethical Pet Grooming Glove is one of the best options for puppy owners who don’t feel confident using a traditional grooming brush. The glove is made of soft rubber and will easily slide on and feel comfortable on your hand. The rubber nub design on the grooming side of the glove stimulates blood flow and offers a relaxing massage for your puppy, while the glove design helps owners reach areas that a traditional brush might not be able to, such as under the chin or on the face. It’s excellent for wiggly puppies!

It’s soft and gentle on puppy skin and can be easily cleaned as any stripped hair or dirt sticks to the glove and can be peeled away. However, the glove is one size, so it may not be suitable for those with very small or very large hands. The price for this tool is its crowning glory since it’s the least expensive on our list but offers some fantastic benefits while being robust and suitable for all ages. This makes the Ethical Pet grooming glove our pick for the best puppy brush for the money.

  • Easy to use and comfortable
  • Hair and dirt are easily cleaned from the glove
  • Soft rubber, gentle on the puppy’s skin
  • Massages the skin under the coat while it brushes
  • Only one size available
  • Only available for the right hand

3. Pet Life Handheld Rake Comb – Premium Choice

Pet Life Handheld Rake Comb

Material: Plastic
Color Options:  Green
Features:  Soft rubber-like plastic, curved bristles, removes undercoat hair and tangles

The Pet Life Handheld Rake is engineered to provide a comfortable and easy grooming session for both owner and puppy. It’s suitable for long and short coats and gently detangles any knots in your puppy’s coat while removing shed hair and dirt. The ergonomic design is built for comfort, with contours on the grip to make room for your knuckles and allow you to get a firm grip, which is essential if you’re grooming a wriggling puppy!

In addition, the rake’s bristles are curved and flexible, meaning that even a thorough brushing won’t hurt your puppy’s skin and will keep them in optimum comfort for the entirety of the groom. The brush is small and could be damaged if you have a larger breed puppy. In any case, keep the brush out of your puppy’s reach when not in use, as a curious puppy could chew through this little comb and possibly swallow some of it.

  • Engineered for comfort
  • Suitable for all breeds
  • Curved rake is effective yet gentle
  • Small, so it can easily be chewed apart
  • May pose a choking hazard to bigger puppies

4. Safari De-Matting Dog Comb

Safari De-Matting Dog Comb

Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel
Color Options:  Green
Features:  Rust-resistant blades, gentle hair removal, rounded blade ends for optimum comfort, comfortable grip design

The Safari De-Matting Comb is specially designed for tangle removal and allows for comfort and control with a comfort-grip design and a large thumb rest over the blades. The serrated blades are sharp enough to cut through any mat they come across without pulling on the hair, and the rounded tips allow for a stimulating skin massage while removing dead hair, dander, and dirt from the coat.

These shears are only suitable for puppies with medium to long hair, and care must be taken as they can still harm a bouncy puppy by accident. Control is essential with this comb, and luckily the handle has been rubberized and is textured for grip strength, so your control over the comb is secure.

  • Rubberized and textured handle for control
  • Comfort thumb rest
  • Sharp blades for cutting through matted hair
  • Gently removes dirt and dander with the rounded tips
  • Provides a massage with each stroke
  • Only suitable for puppies with medium to long hair
  • Care must be taken with the sharp blades

5. Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush

Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush

Material: Metal, plastic
Color Options:  Green
Features:  Soft-tipped bristles, small design for small puppies, stimulates healthy oils on the coat, flexible pad for easy detangling

The Li’l Pals Coated Tips Dog Slicker Brush is the perfect solution for mats on a tiny pup. This brush is designed for small breed puppies such as chihuahuas or Yorkshire terriers. At only 4.9 inches long, this dainty brush is still incredibly effective at removing shed hair, massaging the skin under the coat, and detangling any knots found in the fur.

The small shape and flexible grip allow the brush to slide with the contours of your puppy’s body and makes areas such as the face and ears a breeze to groom. The metal teeth are tipped in plastic for comfort and a stimulating skin massage without the risk of hurting your puppy. This is only suitable for smaller dogs, and when your puppy grows larger, you’ll probably need a new brush. The wire pins are delicate, so owners must also take care not to bend them or accidentally break off the plastic tips.

  • Tiny for tiny dogs
  • Flexible pad allows for comfort
  • Efficient at pulling dead hair and dander
  • Distributes natural oils onto the skin
  • Not suitable for medium breeds or bigger
  • Very delicate and could easily bend or break

6. Safari Shedding Comb

Safari Shedding Comb

Material: Wood, metal
Color Options:  Plain
Features:  Contoured wooden handle, differing teeth size to pull undercoat and overcoat, non-irritant

The Safari shedding comb is a lightweight, wooden-handled comb that strips out shed hair from the undercoat while gently removing any tangles. This comb is best suited for medium to longhaired puppies, and the two teeth lengths work in tandem to bring up and collect any loose hair before it can cause any mats.

If tangles are present, this comb can gently loosen them without pulling. The ends of the teeth are rounded to help to keep your puppy’s sensitive skin safe, but the teeth are rather long and hard, so care must be taken not to comb too hard, or they could cause pain.

  • Gently removes tangles
  • Removes and collects shed fur
  • Rounded tips on the teeth
  • Care must be taken to protect the skin
  • Not suitable for shorthaired puppies

7. Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Safari Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush

Material: Steel, plastic
Color Options:  Green
Features:  Retractable pins at the touch of a button, comfort grip handle, optimized grooming pin design

This ingenious brush incorporates a retractable pin design. Once your grooming session is finished, you can press the button, and the pins will retract into the pad, leaving the hair to be easily peeled off and discarded. A comfortable grip ensures ease of use and stability, and the stainless-steel pins are designed to be soft on the skin while being effective at picking up any shed hair from the coat.

This product has three sizes available, so larger pups can also benefit. The end of the handle looks tempting to chew, however, and can easily be damaged up by a determined puppy, so using caution is recommended. The pins are delicate and scratch-free, and they are gentle on the puppy’s skin, but they can be easily bent, meaning the retracting feature won’t work.

  • Easily clean the brush with a touch of a button
  • Comfort grip handle for control
  • Stainless-steel pins are gentle on the skin
  • The end can easily be chewed and destroyed
  • Pins are delicate and easily bent out of shape

8. Frisco Rubber Ducky Curry Brush

Frisco Rubber Ducky Curry Brush

Material: Rubber
Color Options:  Yellow
Features:  Fun duck shape, soft rubber tips, can be used to lather shampoo, removes loose hair, and reduces shedding

This cute brush brings fun back to bathtime. Styled after the classic rubber ducky, this brush has long rubber tips that penetrate the coat and get down to the skin. These tips then provide a stimulating massage while removing any shed hair from the undercoat.

The natural oil produced on your puppy’s skin will also be spread along the coat by the tips, making the coat shine. These tips are very tempting to chew on, as is the ducky itself, so keeping this brush well out of the way (so it’s not confused with a toy) is wise when not in use. Smaller puppies may find this brush too big, and the duck design adds weight, so medium to large breeds would benefit the most.

  • Effectively lathers shampoo
  • Soft rubber is pain-free
  • Long rubber tips easily remove hair
  • Cute duck design
  • Looks like a toy, so tempting to chew
  • May be too big for smaller puppies

9. Four Paws Magic Coat Slicker Brush

Four Paws Magic Coat Slicker Brush

Material: Plastic
Color Options:  Blue
Features:  Specifically for puppies with sensitive skin, easily removes mats, rubberized handle, thin bristles for delicate fur

The Four Paws slicker brush aims to give your puppy a positive grooming experience by being comfortable, extra-gentle, and kind to sensitive puppy skin. The bristles are thin to comb effectively through fur without pulling while being strong enough to reach the skin and provide a massage to promote healthy circulation. The handle is rubberized to ensure comfort and good grip, and its tiny size makes it an excellent choice for small breeds and for grooming delicate areas on larger breeds. However, the thin diameter of the bristles means that they can be easily bent, and they don’t feature any tips on the ends.

  • Thin bristles for delicate skin
  • Provides a massage to promote circulation
  • Great for stripping out shed fur
  • Good for tiny puppies
  • Bristles can bend easily
  • No tips on the bristles

10. Four Paws Magic Coat Wet & Dry Glove & Curry Brush

Four Paws Magic Coat Wet & Dry Glove & Curry Brush

Material: Plastic, rubber
Color Options:  Blue
Features:  Rubber bristles, slide-on handle, contoured, designed to exfoliate

This dual-action wet and dry curry brush is made to fit comfortably on your hand, whether you’re brushing dried mud off your puppy or getting them clean and shampooed in the water. Sturdy but gentle rubber bristles help lather shampoo while penetrating the coat and provide a gentle yet effective massage. The Four Paws Magic Coat Wet & Dry Glove and Curry Brush is effective at catching shed hair on wet and dry coats, and any built-up hair is easy to remove.

The brush is flexible, allowing for better control when grooming and ensuring it fits the curves of your puppy’s body. The rubber is comfortable but is satisfying to chew (particularly for teething puppies), so keeping it out of their reach when not grooming is advised.

  • Sturdy bristles effectively capture shed hair without pulling
  • Flexible and contoured for comfort
  • Easy slip-on design
  • Can be used wet or dry
  • Tempting for puppies to chew


Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Puppy Brush

Finding the right size, shape, and type for your puppy is vital when looking for the perfect puppy brush. In addition, different coat types, dimensions, and your pet’s tolerance should be factored in when you’re considering a brush.

Coat Type

Some brushes, such as slicker brushes, may not be the best option for dogs with a dense undercoat or very tightly curled coats. Likewise, a longer-toothed comb won’t be effective for puppies with sleek, short coats.

Considering your puppy’s coat type is the main factor to consider when choosing a brush, and while this may seem daunting, most brushes on the market cater to all coat types. Brushes such as curry brushes are effective in all coat types and can often be used wet or dry, meaning they can strip the undercoat from a short-coated retriever puppy and deeply clean a curly-coated poodle.


The brush size is also important since the brushes must be effective at full-body grooming. Designs that are too big won’t be able to reach creases or tucked-away fur, such as behind the ears or under the front legs of a puppy. This is particularly true for small breeds, as some puppies (such as chihuahuas) can be tiny, and a big brush will be too cumbersome to groom them.

Equally, using a brush designed for small breeds on a big puppy like a Newfoundland won’t be effective. The bristles may not be long enough to penetrate down into the fur if they’re longhaired, and it’ll sharply increase the length of time it takes for you to groom. That’s not ideal when grooming a wiggly puppy!

Tolerance Level

If your puppy is happy to sit and be pampered, brushed, and shampooed, the choice is yours regarding brushes. Curry brushes are a great option as they allow for a more leisurely massage while also being effective at stripping hair. A puppy that hates the sight of the brush may benefit from a no-nonsense (yet still gentle) brush like a slicker or a comb if they’re longhaired. Testing a few types can help you determine how much grooming your puppy will tolerate, and keeping them occupied with a treat can ease any grooming tension left over.

pomeranian dog being brushed by a woman
Image Credit: aonip, Shutterstock

The Marks of a Good Puppy Brush

Finding a well-made brush that will last is the best option since puppies will invariably wiggle and have fun during grooming. Some brushes are suitable for all life stages, like the ZoomGroom we placed at our number one spot. It is a great investment if it’s kept out of your puppy’s mouth, but poorly made brushes can be dangerous. Loose bristles can be very sharp and present a choking injury if swallowed or stuck in a soft puppy paw. Handles that can be easily chewed apart also present a choking hazard.

Lastly, the price point is important and doesn’t always correlate to quality. Many brushes are high quality with an excellent price point, such as our pick for the best value puppy brush, so keep an eye out for reviews that mention the best value for the money.divider-dog


Grooming your puppy should be an enjoyable experience for you both, and an excellent brush makes all the difference. Our top pick for the best overall puppy brush was the KONG ZoomGroom. It’s a classic brush suitable for all life stages and offers an effortless and comfortable wet or dry groom. The Ethical Pet Spot Grooming Glove, our best value selection, combines value with ease of use and utilizes the glove design to ensure a throughout groom, even in hard-to-reach places.

Our top premium pick combined style with substance and portability; the Pet Life Handheld Rake Comb is small enough to be taken everywhere for those difficult-to-pick knots, and the curved rake is ingenious in its detangling design while still being comfortable to use.

Featured Image Credit: Kristina Arba, Shutterstock

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