10 Biggest Video Game Companies Ranked By Revenue

Video game companies like Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have been developing some of the most popular games for decades. From console to mobile gaming, these companies make sure that their products are up-to-date with the latest technology and trends. They understand what gamers want; immersive worlds, captivating stories, smooth graphics, and intense action.

To keep players constantly engaged and coming back for more, these companies use various techniques when creating new titles. One of the main strategies is to create a shared universe where different characters from different games interact with each other in different ways. This gives players an additional level of depth to the game’s story as they can explore how characters are related to one another or how their actions affect the outcome of other games in the series.

Another strategy is to include microtransactions, allowing players to purchase additional content or upgrades for their character. This helps keep players engaged and encourages them to invest more time into the game as they can access exclusive content that isn’t available through conventional play. It also brings in revenue for the company which can be used to create even better gaming experiences in the future.

With all of these technicals and developments in place, all major gaming companies are trying to get the each over their competitors. In this article, we will take a look at the ten largest video game companies in the world, based on their latest annual earnings and sales.

10 Largest Video Game Companies – Based on Earnings

Many video game companies are beginning to focus more on creating a social atmosphere around their games by incorporating online components such as leaderboards and tournaments. This allows gamers to connect with fellow players from around the world and compete against each other while still enjoying all of the features that make video games so enjoyable.

With more focus on online and virtual gaming, traditional game companies like Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are putting a lot of time, money and effort into their tech and marketing. Below you will find a list of the largest video game companies in the world.

Sony – Gaming Revenue: $24.9 billion

Sony is one of the most successful video game companies in the world today, with gaming revenue of $24.9 billion. With a highly diverse portfolio of games and platforms, Sony has established itself as an industry leader, from its popular PlayStation series to mobile games like Crash Bandicoot: On The Run!

Microsoft - Gaming Revenue: $16.3 billion

Microsoft – Gaming Revenue: $16.3 billion

Microsoft is another major player in the video game market that has achieved great success with gaming revenue of $16.3 billion. Microsoft’s Xbox series has been hugely popular over the years, with millions of people playing online games such as Halo and Forza Motorsport. Alongside this, their PC Gaming platform offers a wealth of titles for those seeking something more immersive or competitive.

Nintendo - Gaming Revenue: $15.3 billion

Nintendo – Gaming Revenue: $15.3 billion

Nintendo is the third biggest video game company in the world today, with a gaming revenue of $15.3 billion. Nintendo has been around since the 1980s and continues to be an industry leader today, providing some of the most recognizable franchises like Super Mario and Pokemon. Nintendo Switch is their latest console offering, allowing fans to play anywhere on-the-go.

Tencent – Gaming Revenue: $13.9 billion

Tencent is another major player in the video game market, with gaming revenue of $13.9 billion. The Chinese tech giant has become renowned for its investments and acquisitions in various online gaming companies such as Riot Games, Epic Games, and Supercell. They’ve also developed popular mobile games such as Arena of Valor and PUBG Mobile that have gained widespread popularity worldwide.

Activision Blizzard – Gaming Revenue: $8.8 billion

Activision Blizzard is the fifth biggest video game company globally, with gaming revenue of $8.8 billion. They’ve developed some of the most iconic franchises such as Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Overwatch that continue to be popular among gamers today. The company has also recently acquired Candy Crush developer King Digital Entertainment and continues to grow its presence in various markets worldwide.

Electronic Arts – Gaming Revenue: $5.6 billion

Electronic Arts (EA) is another major player in the industry, with gaming revenue of $5.6 billion. EA has been around since 1982 and are best known for their sports franchise titles like FIFA, NHL and Madden NFL that have achieved huge success over the years. Alongside this they’ve developed other popular games such as Plants vs Zombies, The Sims and Star Wars: Battlefront among others.

Epic Games – Gaming Revenue: $5.1 billion

Epic Games is another big name in the gaming market with gaming revenue of $5.1 billion. Their biggest success story has been Fortnite, which skyrocketed in popularity since its release in 2017, becoming one of the most popular online games ever released. As well as this they’ve developed a range of other titles including Unreal Tournament, Gears Of War and Infinity Blade that have become firm fan favorites.

Take-Two Interactive – Gaming Revenue: $3.4 billion

Take-Two Interactive is the eighth biggest video game company today, with gaming revenue of $3.4 billion. They’re best known for their Grand Theft Auto series along with other franchises such as Red Dead Redemption, Bioshock and Borderlands. They’ve also recently acquired Social Point, the mobile game developer behind Dragon City and Monster Legends, as part of their expansion into the mobile gaming market.

Ubisoft – Gaming Revenue: $2.5 billion

Ubisoft is another major player in the video game industry, with gaming revenue of $2.5 billion. They’re best known for their Assassin’s Creed series along with other franchises such as Far Cry, Just Dance and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege that have become hugely popular over the years. Ubisoft continue to develop new games across various platforms including consoles, PCs and mobiles devices.

Bandai Namco – Gaming Revenue: $2.0 billion

Finally, Bandai Namco rounds off our list of top ten most successful video game companies in the world today with gaming revenue of $2.0 billion. The company has developed a number of popular franchises such as Pac-Man, Tekken and Ace Combat over the years as well as other titles like Ni no Kuni and Dark Souls that have become cult classics among gamers worldwide.

The Future of Online Gaming and Traditional Video Games

These companies have all been hugely successful throughout their respective histories and continue to be industry leaders today in providing some of the most entertaining experiences on a variety of platforms for gaming fans everywhere.

Whether you’re looking for an intense online game or something more casual, these companies have it all covered. With the sheer amount of choice available for gamers nowadays, these ten video game companies are sure to remain at the top for many years to come.

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