12 year old female Cross-Breed available for adoption

Honey is a 12 year old female Cross-Breed. She is patiently waiting for her forever family.

She’s only a little, at about 12 inches tall, but so full of love. She is currently in foster in Maidstone.

Honey was rescued from a shelter in Romania that housed over 140 dogs. The person responsible for the shelter was arrested and all the dogs were taken in by several associations in the country.

We were lucky to rescue Honey, amongst other dogs.

Honey is incredibly easygoing and calm-natured. She’s very friendly towards all people and doesn’t mind any visitors in the house.

She loves a fuss and a bit of attention, she gets very excited when you speak to her and she’s always ready for a good cuddle.

She’s equally relaxed around other dogs and enjoys their company. The only thing she’s not so keen on is sharing her food, which is only understandable knowing her history.

Honey is a low-energy lady, she happily sleeps through the night and snoozes often during the day.

She is house-trained and has no separation anxiety. Honey was never lead trained, which resulted in her being scared of wearing a collar and harness.

She is already used to a slip lead but she is not yet ready to go for a full walk. Her current foster mum is helping her overcome her fears and she’s making lovely progress.

At the moment, Honey is happy to go outside and wander around the garden every few hours. Honey is such a sweet, affectionate dog, with a friendly and calm character.

She will be a wonderful addition to a loving family. Currently living in Maidstone.

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