12 year old male Springer cross Spaniel available for adoption

Buster is a 12 year old male Springer cross Spaniel. “I came into the rescue due to my owner’s ill health, and for the last 2 years have spent my life living in their garden.

Upon arrival, it was clear there was some weakness on my back end…this has been investigated with X-rays and nothing untoward was seen…so most likely muscle wastage due to not being walked.

Since arriving at SEDR this has already improved significantly. I was incredibly matted when I arrived and had to be clipped very short, and I will need regular grooming.

I have been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. I am a sweet boy who lives to play fetch! I would happily play ball all day if I could, and will bring it back to you again and again!

I can become quite overstimulated by ball play so my foster family have been working on brain games and enrichment.

I was initially strong on the lead, but my foster family have been working hard on this and I now walk with more calmness!

I have a lot of energy for a 12 year old dog..so you must be physically fit to be able to walk me! Due to being deprived of love and attention for 2 years in my former home.

I have become increasingly ‘needy’ in my foster home…and find it difficult to settle whilst my foster mum works from home.

Some days I find it easier, but other days I need constant attention, which can be challenging if you have other things you need to do.

We feel I would benefit from having a dog as company…and a very active home that has the time and energy to keep me occupied.

If you are looking for a calm, chilled dog who will sleep under your desk for a few hours after a walk whilst you work… I am not the dog for you!

I will settle down nicely downstairs overnight and have not shown any signs of seperation anxiety when left but if you are home, I need a lot of attention as I am very insecure.

This can be quite exhausting, which is why a more active home where I am out being occupied would suit me better.

I love meeting new dogs and would love to find a home with a canine friend…who can keep up with my energy levels!

I am perfectly housetrained (other than a few settling-in accidents) and show no signs of separation anxiety. I am looking for an adult home, without cats. I travel well in the car. ” – Quote

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