15 Great Off-leash Dog Parks in New York, NY You can Visit Today

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New York City is home to nearly 8.5 million people and 600,000 dogs (give or take a few). In a city this size, with so many four-legged citizens, you need a lot of dog parks, and the city delivers, with a dynamic dozen (plus 3!) off-leash parks to enjoy. We’ve featured them all below, including locations, hours, and all the dog park amenities you can think of.


The 15 Great Off-leash Dog Parks in New York, NY

1. Central Park

  • Central Park should be on all dog-owner bucket lists
  • The park is huge, with several areas to explore
  • Off-leash play is allowed but very early and late in the day
  • Walking with your dog in Central Park is an absolute delight

2. Prospect Park

  • Beautiful park in Brooklyn, NY, with lots of open space
  • Long walk from the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Mornings and evenings are the off-leash times
  • Water fountains provided for your canines

3. Little Bay Dog Run

  • Small but beautiful dog park with plenty of shade
  • Gorgeous views all around
  • Many things to do and see close by, plus restaurants and shops
  • Water fountain available, but no poop bags
  • The ground is mostly dirt and sand with very little grass

4. Hillside Dog Park

🗺️ Address: 📍Vine Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11201
🕐 Open Times: 6:00 am to 1:00 am
💲 Cost: Free
🐕 Off-leash allowed?: Yes, the entire park is fenced-in
  • Beloved dog park in Brooklyn, NY
  • The entire park is fenced for off-leash play all-day
  • Near a large and busy highway with constant traffic noise
  • One of the biggest parks for off-leash play in NYC
  • There’s a small separate fenced-in area for small dogs and puppies

5. Madison Square Park Dog Run

  • Located inside Madison Square Park
  • A small area is provided for smaller dogs and puppies to play safely
  • Water fountains and bags are provided
  • Madison Square Park is lovely for a walk on-leash
  • Moderate walk from the famous Brooklyn Bridge

6. Washington Square Dog Park Run

  • Separate dog runs for smaller and bigger dogs
  • Water fountains provided
  • Bags are provided but run out frequently, so bring your own just in case
  • Located in lovely Washington Square park near many of New York’s top attractions

7. Chelsea Waterside Dog Park (aka North Chelsea Dog Park)

  • Small but well-maintained dog park
  • Park offers climbing features for your dogs and benches for you
  • Very popular park with spectacular views of the Hudson River and lovely Hoboken, NJ
  • The entire park has asphalt
  • Paddling pools to play in are provided during the summer
  • Several trees provide shade

8. Louis Valentino Jr, Park, and Pier

  • Small but attractive park with gorgeous views of the Statue of Liberty
  • Off-leash hours are early and later in the day only
  • Park features a kayak launch, a pier, and more nearby
  • Water and poo bags aren’t provided
  • A very popular park in Spring and Summer for the sunsets

9. Wolfe’s Pond Park

  • Small park with an enclosed area for dogs
  • Features a walking trail for dogs
  • Park sponsors many dog-related activities during the year
  • Online reviews are very positive

10. East River Park Esplanade

  • Beautiful park with magnificent views of the East River
  • Two areas for big and small dogs to run and play
  • Except in winter, there’s a hose for cooling your dog
  • The entrance to the dog park is off a ramp at 60th and 63rd streets

11. St. Nicholas Dog Park Run

🗺️ Address: 📍Located in Nicholas Park
🕐 Open Times: 6:00 am to 10:00 pm
💲 Cost: Free
🐕 Off-leash allowed?: Yes
  • Dog park that’s surprisingly well-maintained by local volunteers
  • Regular dog-related events are held at the park all year
  • Bags and water are available
  • There’s a lot of space for dogs to run and play

12. Inwood Hill Park Dog Run

  • Located inside Inwood Hill Park
  • Area is fully fenced in but not separated for small and big dogs
  • Park has many trails for on-leash walking
  • You’ll see beautiful views of the Hudson River
  • Inside the largest natural forest in the entire city
  • Very popular park throughout the year

13. TriBeCa Dog Run

  • Well-maintained dog run with separate areas for big and small dogs
  • Entire area is covered in recreational concrete
  • Hoses available in spring and summer to cool your pup down
  • Plenty of benches to sit and relax
  • One of the cleaner and safer dog parks in the city

14. Kensington Dog Run

  • Very well-run dog park cared for by volunteers
  • Large and small dog areas are fenced in
  • Water fountains are available
  • Astroturf grass in all areas so
  • Short distance from the Brooklyn Bridge

15. Carl Schurz Dog Park

  • Park closes every Wednesday and Thursday for cleaning from 12:15 pm until 1:15 pm
  • Two off-leash areas for big and small dogs
  • Nearby promenade offers magnificent views of the East River
  • Considered a very safe area for dog walking and sightseeing
  • Water and poop bags are available


Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you’ve seen a dog park or two that look appealing and are close to where you live or where you’ll be staying in the Big Apple. All of the parks on our list today are safe and clean and offer something for both you and your canine companions to enjoy. We’re sure you’ll have a phenomenal time with your dogs in New York!

Featured Image Credit: Aneta Jungerova, Shutterstock

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