17 Out of Work Blacklisted Actors in Hollywood

There are numerous ways in which celebrities in Hollywood can get blacklisted. Some of the most common reasons include speaking up about topics that may not be popular with studio executives, engaging in inappropriate behavior during interviews and press conferences, or through public scandals.

In certain cases, celebrities have been blacklisted due to their controversial political views. Actor Vic Morrow was famously blacklisted by Universal Pictures after he spoke out in support of the anti-Vietnam War movement while promoting one of his movies. Other stars such as Sean Penn and Susan Sarandon were ostracized for speaking out on behalf of certain causes, such as same-sex marriage.

It’s important for celebrities in Hollywood to be aware that their words and actions can have consequences and may lead to them being blacklisted from the industry, even if they are already hated on by many in the industry. While it’s important for people to stand up for what they believe in, they should also consider how their actions could potentially affect their careers.

It’s better to express yourself without going too far, lest you end up joining the ranks of the blacklisted celebrities in Hollywood. And with that in mind, we will be highlighting some of the many famous actors and actresses who have been blacklisted in Hollywood over the years.

The Hollywood Blacklist of 17 Actors and Actresses

For those looking to make it in the entertainment industry, always remember that maintaining good relationships with studio executives and other key players is crucial. That way, you can continue living your dream without having to worry about being blacklisted!

To see an active list of such individuals that seem to have a problem following such rules, be sure to skim through the list below, and then think about the last time you saw these celebrities get work.

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