2 month old female American Bulldog Cross available for adoption

Tao is a 2 month old female American Bulldog Cross. She is looking for her forever home, currently in foster in Kent.

Finding her paws with her 2 sisters, she will need a larger older dominant dog, or a pet-free home, as she is very dominant of the smaller dog – although playing.

Tao will need a similar-sized friend. Loves people and cuddles and is happy on anyone’s lap.

Tao learned her toilet training very well, still has the odd accident in the house but is generally clean in her crate overnight and is lovely and quiet.

Tao is crate trained and perfectly happy in there. She loves her toys and will quite happily amuse herself with her puppy teething toys. Not barking or loud at all.

I’ve found her to be overly interested in the cats – so a home without them would be preferable. Not had the opportunity to meet children but can child test if needed.

Tao is much more confident being out in the garden with the others, but if you are out there she will come to you rather than interact with the dogs.

Tao is learning how to play with the dogs now outside and getting more sure of herself and he surroundings.

Tao is currently on 3 meals a day to build up her weight. Just wants to be with you all the time. Needs to find her home soon as it’s getting harder for me to let her go.

Tao gets very excited about her food and puppy treats. Not found her to dislike anything or be frightened of anything at all, but not exposing her to anything challenging.

Tao travels in a dream in a car. Fine in a crate and just falls asleep on journeys. She has had to be at my friend’s one day and again, perfect in the crate in a different house.

Met 4 dogs there and was fine with them all.

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