2 year old male Pointer Cross available for adoption

Ted is a 2 year old male Pointer Cross. He was very fortunate to catch a flight and come to the UK earlier this year, and now he hopes that his luck will once again be on his side and that he will find a loving, forever home.

Ted is a handsome dog, who has a lot of love to give. Ted loves cuddle time and snuggling next to his humans on the sofa, often upside down. He is a real character and makes everyone laugh with his antics.

Ted is super playful, confident and an active boy. Playtime is his favourite part of the day particularly if it involves games and treats.

Ted would love his forever home to be active and energetic with long walks exploring new areas.

Ted doesn’t seem to tire! At home, Ted needs a secure garden and can happily live with children over 10 years old.

Ideally, his human will be home quite a lot of the day. Ted enjoys interacting and playing with other dogs, and can live with another dog with the right introductions.

Recall training will be important as he is a hound with selective hearing. He is neutered, vaccinated, has blood tests, Microchip, has his passport and is a healthy young boy that will also have a free 5 weeks of pet Insurance.

If you are looking for a happy dog for years of fun and love, Ted just might be your perfect match. He is vaccinated, neutered, healthy, and microchipped and will be adopted with a 5-week free pet insurance

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