21 of the Funniest Hispanic Comedians in 2023

Hispanic stand up comedians have been carving out a unique presence on the comedy scene for some time now, and their popularity has grown exponentially in recent years.

There’s something about their unique perspective that resonates with people of all backgrounds by marrying linguistic jokes, cultural stereotypes, and observational humor.

In this article, we are going to feature some of the most-well known and funniest Hispanic standup comics who are making a splash today.

21 Hispanic Comedians Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Hispanic stand up comedians are taking comedy to a whole new level. They do not shy away from tackling tough topics, such as immigration issues, racism and classism. Their style of humor is often described as “incisive” and “blunt” due to their willingness to take risks onstage.

Here’s a look at some of the funniest Hispanic stand up comedians who are taking the stage by storm or reaching new audiences through Netflix comedy specials.

Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias is one of the most popular Hispanic comedians out there. He has a unique style of comedy that blends together hilarious sound effects, wordplay and storytelling. From his iconic “fluffy” jokes to his infectious laugh, Gabriel always leaves his audience in stitches.

Cheech Marin

Cheech Marin has been making audiences laugh since the 1970s as part of the comedy duo Cheech & Chong. He’s known for his roles in movies like Up In Smoke, as well as his stand-up routines which incorporate both Spanish and English into his witty humor.

Felipe Esparza

Felipe Esparza is known for incorporating family stories from growing up in East Los Angeles into his stand-up routine. His ability to make light of difficult life experiences combined with his use of language makes for an incredibly enjoyable show.

Dustin Ybarra

From his time on The Daily Show to starring in movies like We Bought a Zoo, Dustin Ybarra is well-known and highly acclaimed comedian. He has a unique perspective that allows him to bring together stories from growing up in Texas with hilarious observations about the world around us.

Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson’s stand-up routine centers around her Mexican-American heritage and pop culture references. Her ability to point out absurdities with an endearing charm makes her one of the funniest comedians out there.

Melissa Villaseñor

Saturday Night Live’s Melissa Villaseñor is a rising star in the comedy world. Her quick wit and clever observations make her stand-up sets incredibly enjoyable.

Joey Diaz

Joey Diaz has been performing stand-up for decades, with his unique brand of observational humor and stories about growing up on the East Coast. His unmistakable voice and undeniable charm are sure to leave audiences wanting more.

Jesus Sepulveda

Jesus Sepulveda is known for his off-the-cuff style of comedy that incorporates improvisation, physicality and storytelling. He brings an infectious energy to every performance which always leaves audiences laughing out loud.

Alise Morales

Alise Morales is quickly becoming one of the funniest stand-up comedians in the nation. Her observational humor and sharp wit are sure to keep audiences entertained.

Horatio Sanz

Horatio Sanz is a veteran comedian who has been making people laugh since his days on Saturday Night Live. His signature mix of physical comedy, wordplay and one liners make him an audience favorite around the world.

Tom Segura

Tom Segura’s offbeat style of comedy brings together observations about life with stories from his own experiences. He has an uncanny ability to make light of dark subjects, leaving audiences in stitches throughout his entire set.

Al Madrigal

Al Madrigal is known for his hilarious take on everyday life as a Mexican-American. His use of observational humor, storytelling and physical comedy make him one of the funniest Hispanic comedians out there.

Luis J. Gomez

Luis J. Gomez is known for his often outrageous stories about growing up in East Los Angeles. His ability to bring together laughter with thoughtful observations makes him an incredibly entertaining performer.

Frankie Quiñones

Frankie Quiñones is quickly becoming one of the most popular stand-up comedians around. His unique style incorporates music, dancing, sketches and impersonations all into one show that never fails to entertain.

The Kid Mero

The Kid Mero has been making audiences laugh since he started his career as a stand-up comedian. His observational humor and Puerto Rican heritage make for an incredibly fun show that always leaves audiences wanting more.

Cristela Alonzo

Cristela Alonzo has made a name for herself in the comedy world with her unique brand of observational humor and stories about growing up as an immigrant. Her ability to talk about difficult topics while still making people laugh makes her one of the funniest comedians out there.

Jesus Trejo

Jesus Trejo is quickly becoming one of the most sought after comedians in Hollywood. His strong stage presence and hilarious take on life are sure to keep audiences laughing throughout every performance.

Harvey Guillén

Harvey Guillén is known for his special brand of observational humor and off-the-cuff style. His unique take on life as a Mexican-American makes him one of the funniest comedians around.

Paul Rodriguez

Paul Rodriguez is a veteran actor and stand-up comedian who brings together stories from growing up in East Los Angeles with an endearing charm that always leaves audiences in stitches.

Sofía Vergara

Modern Family star Sofia Vergara has been making audiences laugh since she started her career as an actress. Her quick wit and clever observations make her one of the funniest Hispanics in show business.

Chris Estrada

Chris Estrada’s comedy centers around his Cuban heritage, Latinx identity and observational humor. His dynamic energy and hilarious take on life make him a crowd favorite no matter where he performs.

The Funniest Comedians Representing Hispanic Decent

As more Hispanics are seen as a part of mainstream America, they are making their way into the stand-up comedy scene. And with comedy always in demand, it’s only a matter of time before we continue to see more Hispanic names headline comedy events and shows.

From Gabriel Iglesias to Cristela Alonzo, all of the hilarious comedians listed above have become some of the most popular acts in clubs and theaters across the country.

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