21 of the Top Indian Influencers on Instagram in 2023

Influencer marketing continues to surge in India, with Instagram serving as the primary platform for influencers. And not only are the men and women that represent India growing in demand, they are also generating more revenue and business than ever before.

According to a recent reports, ​India’s digital influencer industry grew by 55%​ between 2018 and 2019. This growth is largely driven by the emergence of micro-influencers on the likes of Instagram.

These micro-influencers focus on specific niches and topics that appeal to their audience, and create engaging content across multiple mediums including images, stories, videos and live streams. They are highly sought after by brands due to their reach, engagement rates and ability to personalize campaigns in a much more cost effective way than traditional advertising methods.

So who the top influencers coming out of India in 2023? That’s exactly what we will be looking at through the updated list below.

Top Indian Influencers in the World – Updated for 2023

The Indian influencer market is one of the fastest growing in the world, with a flourishing number of influencers on Instagram. India has an estimated 450 million active users on Instagram alone, and this number continues to increase by the day.

Here are some of the top Indian influencer names to pay attention to in 2023.

Bhuvan is a globally renowned social media star and comedian

1 – Bhuvan Bam

Bhuvan is a globally renowned social media star and comedian who initially gained fame with his YouTube channel ‘BB Ki Vines’. Despite reducing the content of his channel, he continues to be popular on Instagram with over 14.5 million followers.

He has worked with several Indian celebs, The Man Company, Amazon Prime, and is appearing in a new Disney+ Hotstar production called Taaza Khabar.

IG Source: @bhuvan.bam22

Jannat Zubair is a popular television actress in India

2 – Jannat Zubair

Jannat Zubair is a popular television actress who began her career as a child artist. She has created a YouTube channel called Complete Styling with Jannat Zubair, where she has amassed 33.1 million followers.

She is a highly influential Indian Instagrammer, with an engagement rate of over 1 million per post. She works with well-known brands like Huawei and OnePlus for endorsements.

IG Source:@jannatzubair29

Kusha Kapila is highly renowned as an Indian influencer

3 – Kusha Kapila

Kusha Kapila is highly renowned as an Indian influencer and the creator of the “South Delhi Girls” videos on iDiva’s YouTube channel. This channel has amassed over 451,000 followers, and her own personal channel has also reached 369,000 subscribers.

Kusha has attracted 2.4 million followers on Instagram, where she posts comedic content and shares her journey as a rising star. She has worked with companies such as Google and Cred, walked the red carpet at several high-profile film events, acted as a fashion judge, and starred in Karan Johar’s Ghost Stories.

IG Source: @kushakapila

Siddharth Batra is a well-known Indian influencer in the fashion and beauty industry

4 – Siddharth Batra

Siddharth Batra is a well-known Indian influencer in the fashion and beauty industry. He makes humorous and interesting videos which give viewers a new angle on lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.

Siddharth Batsa’s cheerful personality has helped him gain a lot of support from readers! If you’re looking for advice on Indian menswear, his blog is the place to go.

IG Source: @siddharth93batra

Diipa Khosla is a renowned Indian influencer

5 – Diipa Büller-Khosla

Diipa Khosla got her start in the world of social media by actually doing social media management for other companies, and then used that experience to establish herself as a fashion influencer. She has since transitioned from influencer to entrepreneur, creating her own Ayurveda-based cosmetics line called Inde Wild.

Diipa, who got married to Dutch diplomat Oleg Büller in 2018, made headlines and was featured in Harper’s Bazaar. During the four-day wedding, she changed outfits nine times. Her YouTube channel has 18.3k subscribers and on Instagram, she has 1.7 million followers who enjoy her posts about beauty, fashion and luxurious lifestyle content.

Diipa Khosla is a renowned Indian influencer who was the first to collaborate with MAC cosmetics. She is also co-founder of Post For Change, an organization aiming to use social media influencers to create positive change.

IG Source: @diipakhosla

Roshni Bhatia, also known as TheChiqueFactor

6 – Roshni Bhatia

Roshni Bhatia, also known as TheChiqueFactor, is a fashion and beauty blogger on Instagram who has developed a skill for stylish yet comfortable living.

She has a great sense of fashion and gives helpful advice on how to live easily. She is admired by a lot of people, and is seen as an inspiration to working moms.

IG Source: @thechiquefactor

Nikhil Sharma is an Indian lifestyle blogger

7 – Nikhil Sharma

Nikhil Sharma is an Indian lifestyle blogger who has become popularly known as the “Casey Neistat” of India. He started his YouTube channel in 2010 and gained fame by moto vlogging as “Mumbaiker Nikhil” with over 4 million subscribers.

Nikhil is a leading influencer in Indian marketing and an acclaimed moto vlogger. He has earned 1.4 million followers on Instagram and won the MTV India and IWMBuzz Award for “Vlogger of the Year” in 2019. He has collaborated with brands such as Garmin and WB.

IG Source: @nikkkhil

Meghna Kaur is a popular fashion and beauty influencer

8 – Meghna Kaur

Meghna Kaur is a popular fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencer in India who began on YouTube and now has over one million followers on Instagram.

She posts fashion videos and offers style tips on her social media, creating content by shooting and editing.

IG Source: @shetroublemaker

9 – Komal Pandey

Komal Pandey is one of India’s most popular beauty and fashion influencers, with around 2 million followers on Instagram.

She is known for her bold fashion statements, “get ready with me” content, and advice on how to mix up the clothes you already have in your wardrobe. Cosmopolitan has named Komal their best fashion influencer, making her a style icon in her own right.

Pandey started her own YouTube channel in 2017, showcasing what she calls “college couture”, and has since become the stylist for the popular YouTube channel, popxo.

Komal has gained a large online following, with 1.7 million followers on Instagram and 1.15 million subscribers on YouTube. She has collaborated with over 100 companies, including Olay and Vivo India.

IG Source: @komalpandeyofficial

Riyaz Aly is a famous Indian TikTok creator

10 – Riyaz Aly

Riyaz Aly is a famous Indian TikTok creator, fashion influencer, actor, and model. He is best known for his lip-sync videos on TikTok and has an impressive following of 27 million fans.

This young actor has become a social media star and influencer due to his popular lip-sync videos on TikTok. These videos have earned him millions of followers not only on TikTok but also on Instagram.

IG Source: @riyaz.14

11 – Farah Dhukai

Farah is an Instagram and YouTube star well-known for her DIY desi-inspired beauty hacks. She has over 6.4 million followers on Instagram and more than 2.3 million subscribers on YouTube, where she posts videos about different home beauty remedies, hair treatments, and makeup routines.

Farah Ali is an entrepreneur who has been active online since 2010. She is of Indian descent, but her family’s recent generations come from Africa. She was raised in Toronto, Canada and currently lives there with her husband and child.

Farah has collaborated with many brands and has also launched a skincare line called Farsali.

IG Source: @farahdhukai

Arishfa Khan is a popular Indian influencer on TikTok and IG

12 – Arishfa Khan

Arishfa began her acting career in 2012 as a child artist and has since become an extremely popular actress and model. She is renowned for her impressive acting skills and her entertaining short videos, making her one of the most followed influencers today.

She is active on social media platforms such as TikTok and YouTube, where her Dubsmash videos have gained popularity. She has amassed over 25 million followers on TikTok.

IG Source: @arishfakhan138

13 – Mithila Palkar

Mithila Palkar rose to internet fame in 2016 when her version of the Cup Song went viral on her YouTube channel, garnering over 6 million views. She now has 168k subscribers on YouTube and 3.5 million followers on Instagram as she pursues an acting career.

Mithila Palkar’s acting career is blooming, with roles in Netflix’s Little Things and the Bollywood film Katti Batti. She has also partnered with companies such as Times Prime and Plumb Goodness.

IG Source: @mipalkarofficial

14 – Kaushal

Kaushal is a popular Indian influencer, boasting 2.3 million YouTube subscribers and almost 1 million Instagram followers. Her content focuses on fashion, inspiration, encouragement and reviews of beauty and skincare products, with an emphasis on being “filter-free”.

Based in the UK, Kaushal runs her blog, Just Kaushal, and is well-known for creating “get ready with me” videos. She has landed several brand partnerships including KYSL Beauty and Whind.

IG Source: @KaushalBeauty

Dolly is a popular content creator on YouTube

15 – Dolly Singh

Dolly is a popular content creator on YouTube and has built up her iDiva channel, along with her presence on IG, which currently has more than 1.4 million followers. She began her career by starting a fashion hacks and style blog while in college, coming from humble beginnings.

Dolly has become an influential figure in India, working with celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana. She has also partnered with brands like Olay and Colgate.

IG Source: @dollysingh

16 – Tamanna Roashan

Tamanna is the creator of @DressYourFace, a beauty, lifestyle, fashion and education influencer. She has both Afghani and Indian heritage and lives with her husband and two children in Los Angeles.

Tamanna, with her 2.7 million Instagram followers, has collaborated with Indian fashion label Lashkaraa to create her own Dress Your Face capsule collection, along with Honest Company and Barbie. She shares a range of fashionable and luxurious content on her page.

IG Source: @dressyourface

Ami is a successful Indian influencer on multiple social platforms

17 – Ami Desai

Ami, a first-generation American immigrant, was born in the U.S. to parents from India. She has a Masters degree from Boston University and is a professional journalist.

Ami is a successful Indian influencer, having worked for acclaimed production companies such as CNN, E! Network, and #OWNshow. She has been both behind and in front of the camera. Currently, she is a beauty and lifestyle expert and has collaborated with popular brands such as Obagi and Braun Beauty.

IG Source: @amidesai

18 – Kenny Sebastian

Kenny is a famous Indian comedian, filmmaker, and musician. He became well-known worldwide through the videos on his YouTube channel that display his humorous outlook on life.

Kenny has achieved great success on YouTube and Instagram, with over 2 million subscribers on the former and 1 million followers on the latter. To add to his accomplishments, he also has a Netflix special titled The Most Interesting Person in the Room, as well as a showcase on Amazon Prime Video called Don’t Be That Guy.

IG Source: KennySebastian

Irene is an Indian creator and mommy influencer

19 – Irene Khan

Irene is an Indian creator who’s known globally for her beauty and mommy-focused content. On her Instagram, she shares colorful family fun, Indian culture influences, travel, fashion and beauty with half a million followers.

IreneSarah has a YouTube channel where she posts videos about beauty, pregnancy, hair care, and parenting for her 258k subscribers.

IG Source: @irenesarah

20 – Masoom Minawala

Masoom is a highly successful Indian influencer with over 1.2 million followers on Instagram. She’s known for her stylish, vibrant photography and fashion sense. Hailing from Mumbai, Masoom now lives in Belgium.

Masoom has a YouTube channel with 54k subscribers where she posts fashion styling tips and luxurious travel and lifestyle content. She has partnered with well-known brands like Louis Vuitton and Moda Operandi.

IG Source: @masoomminawala

Srishti is a famous Indian influencer and comedian

21 – Srishti Dixit

Srishti is a famous Indian influencer, comedian and cat lover. She first gained attention on BuzzFeed India and is best known for her comedy sketches, opinions on pop culture, and honest content.

Srishti, a content creator based in Mumbai, has 754k Instagram followers who enjoy her funny and engaging posts. She has collaborated with brands such as Veeba Condiments and FlipKart.

IG Source: @srishtipatch

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