6 Spectacular Off-Leash Dog Parks in Wilmington, DE, You Can Visit Today (2023 Update)

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Hey there, dog-lovin’ humans! If you’re looking to get out and about with your four-legged best friends, Wilmington, Delaware, has the perfect spots for you. Here are four great off-leash parks where you and your pup can have a day of fun in the sun. So, grab your leash and head out for some fetching, sniffing, and tail wagging at off-leash dog parks in and nearby Wilmington!


The 6 Spectacular Off-Leash Dog Parks in Wilmington, DE

1. River Road Dog Park

  • Public space for everyone to enjoy
  • Exercise equipment set up for dogs
  • Brand new and clean

2. Carousel Bark Park

  • Nearby horseback riding available
  • Plenty of open space to play and run
  • Nice pond area for you and your pup
  • No fenced-in area so dog must obey recalls

3. Rockford Park

  • Beautiful views all around
  • Lots of history to enjoy
  • You can plan a full day at the park
  • Close to hiking trails so you can take your dogs for walks

4. Talley Day Park

  • Well-maintained off-leash dog park
  • Separate areas for small and large dogs
  • Close to wooded trails and forested areas for your dog to explore in

5. Banning Dog Park


  • Large park with fields and wooded areas
  • Close to walking trails
  • Shaded areas for picnics and relaxing
  • Assessable to water fountains

6. Lums Pond Dog Park

  • Nice environment for your dog to explore
  • Open all day
  • Full of walking trails to take your dog for strolls
  • Access to a pond for your dog to swim on hot days



Whatever your pup’s activity level, there’s an off-leash dog park in Wilmington that will be the perfect spot for you and your furry family member. Whether you’re looking to spend an afternoon traversing wooded areas or running with your pup all day, Wilmington has a good variety of parks for you to choose from. Enjoy!

Featured Image Credit: Matthias Koll, Pixabay

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