8 Great Off-Leash Dog Parks in Charlotte, NC in 2023 (with Pictures)

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Humans have plenty of places to socialize and enjoy, but what about your pups? If you live in or are visiting Charlotte, North Carolina, you’ll be happy to know that there’s plenty to do. With everything from nature parks to city life, dog parks are scattered throughout.

So, here are 8 awesome dog park choices to check out.


The 8 Great Off-Leash Dog Parks in Charlotte, North Carolina

1. Frazier Place Dog Park

  • Separate areas for large and small dog breeds
  • Lack of parking, must cross street to access dog park
  • Fenced-in area with dirt and grass for ground coverings
  • Benches for human friends to sit and socialize
  • Clean water in each side of the pen

2. Skiptown

  • Very innovative pet care facility with a social bar
  • Includes daycare and boarding services
  • 24,000 feet of indoor/outdoor play space
  • 25 taps so you can have a drink—and your dog can have bone broth “beer”, too!

3. Shuffletown Dog Park

  • 4 acres of room to run and play
  • Separate areas for large and small breeds
  • Low on grass, might get messy in weather
  • Additional activities around the area for on-leash adventures

4. Barkingham Dog Park at Reedy Creek Park

  • Park is a combination of dirt and grass
  • Poop bags, water spigot, and fill containers provided for pups
  • No separation between breed sizes
  • Hiking trails nearby for on-leash adventures

5. Heather Ridge Dog Park

🗺️ Address: 📍Charlotte, NC 28213
🕐 Open Times: Dawn to Dusk
💲 Cost: Free
🐕 Off-Leash: Yes
  • Located within an apartment complex
  • Small but full of fun activities
  • Typically attended by locals only
  • Well-maintained, clean space

woman walking beagle dog in the park
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock
  • Located within an apartment complex
  • Simple, small fenced-in area for dogs to enjoy
  • Mainly an attraction for locals
  • Friendly environment with repeat visitors

7. Fetching Meadow at McAlpine Creek Park

  • One acre of space to run and play
  • Completely fenced-in safe area
  • No separation between small and large breeds
  • Lots of activities outside of the dog park for on-leash adventures

8. Canine Commons Dog Park

  • All attending dogs must be up to date on vaccinations
  • No children under 12 are permitted inside the park area
  • Fenced-in, shaded dog park with lots of room to explore
  • Waste stations available


You and your dogs can try out one or every Charlotte dog park. You can find which one works for you based on setup or location. We recommend reading all park rules before attending to ensure you are fully prepared for your play date.

Featured Image Credit: MaKo-studio, Shutterstock

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