9 year old male Beagle Cross available for adoption

Pascual is a 9 year old male Beagle Cross. “I’ve been rescued by some very very kind ladies. My previous owner threw me into the local pound as I was getting too old to work – discarded like a piece of old rag and I was sad for ages.

It was cold and damp and it hurt my bones. Suddenly one day my cage door got thrown open – I was a little scared at first but the very kind lady spoke softly and offered me a biscuit.

She put a lead onto me and took her in her car out to the countryside in Galicia. Once I got there – many other dogs held me enthralled telling me I had been “rescued”.

When I asked what that meant they showed me my nice soft bed, food and water bowls and a lovely warm fire. It certainly was different and I was very happy. I said what a kind lady she must be.

Then they said – “but there is another lady you will never see” She will be setting the wheels in motion to find you a new home and family in the great United Kingdom.

They make sure you will be safe and happy for the rest of your days” I was blown away but excited about going on a long journey to a new home. I was told to be patient there would be a human and a family for me. Someone who knows and understands beagles or older dogs.

I get on fine with other dogs and don’t bother about cats. I can be a bit dramatic like when I cut my paw – all the other dogs said I was a drama queen.

If you would like to offer me a new home I’m super human-oriented and love snuggles – I’m appx 14kg in weight.

My lovely ladies caring for me say you will need to be able to complete an application form, have a video home check and cover both my adoption fee and transport to get to you.

My rescue ensures I’m healthy and ready to meet import requirements for rescue dogs into the U.K. This includes vaccinations, full blood microchip, flea tick treatment and worming.” – Quote

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Rutherglen Rescue Glasgow

For further details about adopting a dog from Rutherglen Rescue in Glasgow, please contact Carolyn Blackshaw by emailing rutherglenrescue@outlook.com or telephone 07969 367622.

Please note, this rescue offers full post adoption support and all dogs are vaccinated, microchipped and spayed/neutered. Home checks apply.

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