Can Dogs Eat Waffles? What You Need to Know

It’s nice to spend time with your pet in the morning and share a good breakfast with them, which has many people wondering if it is safe to feed waffles to dogs. It might be fine for your dog to have a small bite of a waffle, but keep reading as we discuss several things to consider before you make waffles a regular part of your dog’s diet.

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Are Waffles Good for My Dog?

While there are usually no harmful ingredients in waffles and they are safe for your dog to eat in small amounts, they offer no nutritional benefits. They contain only a small amount of protein compared to the amounts of fat and carbohydrates, so they are only good as occasional treats.


Waffles usually contain eggs, which will provide your pet with beneficial protein that can help keep them full for longer, boost energy, and provide the nutrients required to build strong muscles.

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Most waffles contain milk, which can provide helpful protein and calcium, which your dog needs to build strong bones and teeth. However, many dogs are lactose intolerant, and even a small amount can cause diarrhea and an upset stomach, so only give them a small piece if you aren’t sure.

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Why Are Waffles Bad for My Dog?


Many home recipes for waffles include sugar, which will not hurt your pet unless they eat a large amount of it. However, if you purchase frozen waffles, you will need to check the package to see if it contains xylitol as a sweetener. Xylitol can be harmful to dogs, even in small amounts, and it can lead to hypoglycemia, seizures, liver failure, and death. It is becoming increasingly popular in human foods, so it might be in your waffles.


Waffles contain a large amount of flour, a popular ingredient in dog treats and dry dog food, so it is technically safe for dogs to eat, but it is high in carbohydrates, which can lead to weight gain. Obesity is a big problem for dogs, with more than 40% of pets over 5 being above the recommended weight for their size and breed. Therefore, it’s better to avoid foods like waffles that are high in carbohydrates. Another problem with the flour in waffles is that some dogs may have a gluten allergy, which will prevent them from eating this food at all.

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Waffles can contain oil and butter, which will add saturated fats to your pet’s diet, possibly leading to weight gain and other health problems if they eat these too regularly. While a small piece of a waffle won’t hurt them, you can provide many other treats that are healthier.


Waffles typically contain a small amount of salt, but too much can lead to hypernatremia, a type of salt poisoning that can affect the brain and nervous system. While some salt is good for dogs and they usually get hypernatremia from concentrated salt sources, like rock salt or ice melt, it’s still best to avoid salty treats.

Many commercial waffles contain ingredients like chocolate chips, which are bad for dogs. They can also contain artificial colors and preservatives that might not be healthy. Read over the ingredients carefully and choose brands with safe natural ingredients, or make your own waffles from scratch using your favorite recipe.


Almost all waffle toppings, like syrup and whipped cream, will contain too much sugar for your pet, leading to dental problems, weight gain, and other issues. If your dog insists on sharing waffles with you, give them a small piece before you add any toppings.


What If My Dog Ate Waffles?

If your dog ate a store-bought waffle off your plate, read the packaging to see what the ingredients are. Call your vet for guidance if there are xylitol, chocolate, or other unsafe ingredients. Otherwise, your pet will probably be fine, as most waffles contain non-toxic ingredients.

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Can I Make Waffles That Are Safe for Dogs?

Waffles will always be high in carbohydrates, but you can make them more pet friendly by switching to whole-grain flour, which will provide more nutrients. You can also remove the sugar and salt and use olive or coconut oil instead of butter.

Can Dogs Eat Blueberry Waffles?

Yes, blueberry waffles are usually safe for your pet to eat in moderation, especially if you make them from scratch. However, if you purchase them at the store, you will need to look over the ingredients to ensure that there is no xylitol or other dangerous ingredients.



It’s safe to occasionally feed a plain waffle to your dog as a treat, but waffles are too high in carbohydrates, sugar, and salt to be a regular part of your dog’s diet. Avoid brands that contain xylitol, certain artificial colors and preservatives, and other harmful ingredients, like chocolate. If you are making waffles from scratch, switch to whole-grain flour and leave out the sugar and salt for a better dog treat.

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