Happy 2018 + Exciting Entlebucher Book News

Happy New Year! I hope you’ve had a fab Christmas break and feel rested and ready to go back to work? Looking back at 2017, I realise it was a big year for Alfie and our family. We’d just moved back from San Francisco to the UK and had to readjust to the British climate. Alfie’s thick winter coat grew back, and the rest of us bundled up warm.

Our baby boy grew into a bouncy toddler, and Alfie had to learn how to cope with not always being the centre of our attention — not easy for a spoiled pup, but he’s a clever dog, so he’s adjusted to a responsible family dog just fine. Alfie also had a minor operation to remove some lumps on his leg and just in time for Christmas we received the wonderful news that all the test results had come back good.

As for me — after being on maternity leave for nearly a year, last summer I was itching to get back to work and I started writing a book that’s been on my mind, and very close to my heart, simultaneously started learning basics on designing a book, ever since we picked up our bouncy Entle pup seven years ago. If you’re on our mailing list, you’ve probably already heard about the book, but for the rest of our blog readers here’s the big book news.

Introducing Entlebucher Mountain Dogs — What I Wish I Knew

Book Cover: Entlebucher Mountain Dogs - What I Wish I KnewWhen we chose the Entlebucher breed seven years ago, there really wasn’t a lot of information available in English about the breed online or in the bookstores. So with a little help from our wonderful Entle community and a good dog trainer, we had to ‘learn on the job’, and figure stuff out along the way.

These days there’s a lot of websites sharing info about the breed basics, but looking back at first few years with Alfie – all I wanted to know was how to survive puppyhood, what to do about all that energy and whether our Entle was in fact, normal!

After blogging about Alfie’s adventures on Alfie’s Blog since he was a puppy, and getting so many questions about the breed from my readers, I realised that many Entle owners all over the world felt just the same.  I felt that I wanted to share more about what it was actually like for us to raise one of these little mountain dogs, good and bad, so that other Entle owners could compare notes, and prospective Entle owners could take a peek into our lives and decide whether the breed is the right choice for their family. And so, our high spirited, energetic and mischievous Alfie inspired me to write a book about the Entles.

Entlebucher Mountain Dogs – What I Wish I Knew, is scheduled to be published on February 14th, 2018. The book will be available in print and eBook format on Amazon and other similar online retailers, and you can take a sneak peek and pre-order your copy on your local Amazon site.






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