Leaps & Bounds Cat Toys Review 2022: Are They Right For Your Cats?

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If you’re looking for excellent indoor cat toys, consider Leaps & Bounds. These toys appeal to all cats who need exercise or are highly energetic, as well as cat owners who want to play with their furry friends. Leaps & Bounds have a range of cat toys with some generic options and some innovative ones. The more basic cat toys can be purchased for an affordable price. However, their more complex ones might be a bit too pricey for those on a tight budget.

Leaps & Bounds is a Petco brand that makes both cat and dog toys. The toys aren’t indestructible—no toy is—but they are of high quality and tend to outlast many other similar cat toy brands. If you want to discover more about Leaps & Bounds cat toys, keep reading.


At a Glance: The Best Leaps & Bounds Cat Toys:


Leaps & Bounds Cat Toys Reviewed

Who Makes Leaps & Bounds Cat Toys and Where Are They Produced?

Leaps & Bounds Cat Toys are made by the popular American pet store Petco. They make and sell pet supplies and pet food and offer pet services. The company has been around since 1965 and now has stores all over the United States, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. However, their headquarters are in California.

Who Are Leaps & Bounds Cat Toys Best Suited For?

Since these toys are affordable and easy to find, they are suitable for all pet parents. While not indestructible, they are of great quality, with a wide variety of choices available.

Who Might Do Better With a Different Brand?

As previously mentioned, the Leaps & Bounds Cat Toys are not indestructible. So, if you have a cat that really likes to go to town on its toys, you might want to consider something different. The BERGAN Star Chaser Turbo Scratcher is a good choice if you have a particularly playful or strong cat!

divider-catDiscussion of Leaps & Bounds Cat Toys

Ease of Use

It’s wonderful seeing your cat have a good time with their new toys, but it does put a damper on your mood if you’ve got to assemble it, read instructions on how to use it, or have to put as much effort into playtime as your energetic kitten or cat.

The perfect cat toy is easy to use and requires as little effort on your part as possible. Many of the Leaps & Bounds toys come already assembled. They’re straightforward to use and often don’t require any effort from you at all during playtime.

cat playing with owner
Image Credit: Dora Zett, Shutterstock

Refills and Replacements

Leaps & Bounds tries its best to keep your costs low once you’ve bought its products. They also know that no toy lasts forever, and instead of having to buy a whole new toy when your cat eventually breaks it, they offer refills and replacements. These are cheaper than buying a new toy and are a more sustainable approach.


Leaps & Bounds offers a large range of cat toys to meet their different needs. Their plush toys often contain catnip, and the smell of it is released when chewed on and played with. This encourages play, as most cats are drawn to the smell of catnip.

Their feathered toys and balls are often vibrant in colors and patterns for stimulation, and some are infused with catnip. Cats love to chase, catch, and jump at these types of toys and will get plenty of healthy exercise out of it.

The dispenser toys are wobbly and release treats when played with, which encourages mental and physical stimulation. Their electric toys are wonderful at maintaining your cat’s attention and avoiding boredom without any effort from you.

kittens playing with cat toy
Image Credit: Michelle Maria, Pixabay


Although Leaps & Bounds is less expensive than some other premium cat toy brands, they are more expensive than standard cat toys.

Leaps & Bounds cat toys are made of good quality and are durable, which requires stronger materials that typically cost more. Sometimes buying slightly more expensive toys is a better option because you won’t have to replace them as frequently. They also have a range of electric toys, which cost more than standard toys.


A Quick Look at Leaps & Bounds Cat Toys

  • Large variety
  • Basic toys are well-priced
  • Durable toys
  • Maintains the attention of cats
  • Electronic toys are expensive
  • Some toys don’t appeal to all cats



Reviews of the 3 Best Leaps & Bounds Products

Leaps & Bounds cat toys are suitable for most cats and can be enjoyed during all life stages. Below are Leaps & Bounds’ 3 most popular products for you to consider for your own cat.

1. Leaps & Bounds Teething Catnip Toy – Our Favorite

Leaps & Bounds Little Paws Teething Mouse

For kittens who love to chew, wrestle, and cuddle, the Leaps & Bounds Little Paws Teething Mouse Kitten Toy with Catnip is a great option. It has a soft body that is cuddly enough to sleep with. It can also provide your anxious kitten with a sense of security and comfort. The torso is textured to captivate your kitten’s attention and interest. It has large textured mouse ears that can be chewed on without ripping apart. However, some customers have reported that the plastic is too hard for kittens that are teething.

  • A toy your kitten can chew, wrestle, and cuddle
  • Textured
  • Soft and comfortable
  • The plastic ears are too hard to teeth on

2. Leaps & Bounds Chirping Cricket Cat Toy

Leaps & Bounds Petco Brand Pounce & Play Chirping Cricket

Another popular toy from this company is in the form of a cricket! The Leaps & Bounds Pounce & Play Chirping Cricket Cat Toy is a good toy to get a cat that gets bored quickly because it chirps when it’s moved, which once again captivates the attention of your cat. Cats love to swat, wrestle, and pounce on this toy because of its shape, texture, and sound. The toy does require batteries, which are included. However, you can’t turn the chirping sound off, which can become annoying.

With it constantly being on, the batteries do drain quite quickly and fade in and out.

  • Chirping sound maintains your cat’s attention
  • Batteries are included
  • Has various textures
  • The chirping sound can’t be turned off
  • The batteries drain quite quickly

3. Leaps & Bounds Caterpillar Cat Teaser

Leaps & Bounds Caterpillar Cat Teaser

The Leaps & Bounds Caterpillar Cat Teaser is one fast way to get your cat up, running, and jumping around. This simplistic yet interactive toy is made of various vibrant colors, which are easy to spot and chase. It has feathers on the bottom that your cat will try to claw and bite at. If they do, know that your cat is in safe hands because the materials are non-toxic.

However, the eyes are plastic and tend to fall off easily. These are potential choking hazards, so you may want to remove them before your cat’s first play.

  • An excellent form of exercise for your cat
  • Made up of vibrant colors
  • Materials are non-toxic
  • The eyes are a potential choking hazard


What Other Users Are Saying

It’s generally easier to trust the opinions of those who have bought from a particular company and experienced their products first-hand over those who haven’t. To help you with your decision on whether Leaps & Bounds is the best option for your cat, we’ve listed a few opinions from their customers. You can read through the reviews shared on Amazon by clicking here.

  • Petco: Some people have said that Leaps & Bounds toys are an excellent option for their highly energetic cats because instead of taking their energy out on the furniture, they now take it out on their cat toys, especially those infused with catnip.
  • Walmart: Customers are disappointed in the high prices of the toys, especially when purchased at stores other than Petco.



If you’re looking for a new favorite toy for your cat, Leaps & Bounds might be the right option for you. Although some of their toys can be on the pricier side, they are durable, boast cute designs, and are the type of toys cats don’t lose interest in quickly. There is a large range of these toys to choose from, and they’re easy to use and have a fun time with. Their interactive toys are one of the best options for keeping your cat active and stimulated every day.


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