Our 1st Post and 1000th Procedure – Stray Animal Project

Our first October campaign was held in Villa El Salvador, one of the poorest areas in Lima. As with all of our campaigns, our primary partnership was with WUF, through which we’re able to operate in Peru. For this campaign, we also partnered with Posta Oasis, a social animal clinic in Villa El Salvador, and Dr. Francisco Bryce, veterinarian and founder of Posta Oasis.


This campaign was different from some of our past campaigns because of COVID-19. Instead of walk-ins, this community campaign was appointment-based and targeted towards low-income community members. Additionally, we were able to spay over 20 shelter animals and an amazing 80 stray animals.


How are we able to afford a campaign of this size? We are able to reduce the procedure cost in two ways. First, our partner clinic was able to offer a discount to perform procedures at cost, taking no profit. Second, for our community members, we subsidized the cost by 25%. Together, these two measures brought the procedure cost down to about 40% of the normal cost. For strays and shelter animals, we benefit from the clinic discount while covering the remaining amount.

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