Snow, Vets and Christmas in a Cone

Roooo, it’s Alfie here behind the keyboard. Yesterday when I woke up the whole world looked white and frosty, and I was super excited to go out and play in the snow. So when my human got my lead out, I didn’t even mind wearing the gentle leader (that’s the horrible red, anti-pull nose collar I’m wearing in the photo). As soon as I stepped outside I realised I’d made a horrible, horrible mistake and I wished I’d stayed indoors instead.

The snow was wet and nasty – not cold and crisp as I had hoped for. And then my human mentioned the v-e-t word. The vet! It turned out we were walking all the way to the vets in the wet, horrible weather. As you can imagine I was not impressed.

The vet wasn’t as bad as I had feared through. She looked at the tiny lumps on my leg and said she wanted to remove them before they got any bigger, as they’re on the skinny part of my leg where there’s not much spare skin for bigger procedures in case the lumps grow big. So now I’m booked in for a small operation next week. I hope Santa Paws bring me some nice presents this year, because I’ll be celebrating Christmas wearing the cone of shame!

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