The Book Is Here! Entlebucher Mountain Dogs – What I Wish I Knew

I’m very proud to announce that my book Entlebucher Mountain Dogs – What I Wish I Knew is now published and available in hardback, paperback and e-book format on all Amazon stores.

Raising Alfie from a naughty little pup into the responsible family dog he is today has been an incredible journey, and I’ve learned so much about this wonderful (& slightly bonkers) breed along the way.

This book is all about the stuff I wish I knew about Entlebuchers before we brought our handsome Alfie home, and I hope you’ll find it interesting, fun and above all, helpful when choosing an Entle for your family. The book is packed with breed facts, anecdotes and stories. I’m also sharing some of our training mistakes that you might learn from, and helpful tips on everything from how to manage their incredible energy, and how to keep fetch safe, to what to think about when first introducing your Entle to your new baby. And lots more!

Oh, and there are beautiful colour photos of Alfie and our Entlebucher friends from all over the world doing everything from urban agility, to nosework and sledding, so the printed versions of the book will look fab on your coffee table!

You can check out the book on your local Amazon store by using this link.

Of course I couldn’t resist recording a video of Alfie unboxing ‘his book’- I think he was just a little disappointed the box didn’t contain a toy! (but he happily chewed the cardboard afterwards…)





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