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Tim Burton is an American film director, producer, artist, writer, and animator best known for his dark and gothic aesthetic. With unique visual styles that blend horror, fantasy and comedy into a signature look and feel, he has created some of the most iconic films of all time.

Burton began his career in animation working at Disney on movies such as The Fox & the Hound (1981) and Vincent (1982). His feature film directing debut came with Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure (1985). He went on to direct Beetlejuice (1988), Edward Scissorhands (1990), Batman Returns (1992), Ed Wood (1994), Sleepy Hollow (1999), Corpse Bride (2005), and Alice in Wonderland (2010).

Most recently, with the launch of “Wednesday” on Netflix, Tim Burton has found a whole new audience that have simply fallen in love with this latest project.

Burton’s work has been defined by its dark and gothic themes, often featuring characters that are outcasts from society. His movies frequently address issues of mortality and explore ideas of identity and belonging. He uses film to express his views on the bizarre nature of life, often blending horror, fantasy, mystery, and comedy.

Additionally, Burton is a celebrated visual artist whose artworks have been exhibited all around the world. His works include illustrations for books such as The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories (1997). As well as sculptures like Addams Family Values (2004) and Corpse Bride figures (2005). All these pieces demonstrate his uncanny ability to use visuals to convey a unique and distinct emotion.

Tim Burton is widely considered one of the most iconic filmmakers of all time, having created some of the most recognizable and beloved films. His work has inspired generations of audiences with its dark themes, striking visuals, and profound messages. He continues to influence modern filmmaking today and will go down in history as one of the greats.

Tim Burton’s Age, Height, and Bio

Looking for the latest and accurate information on your favorite celebrities and social media stars? You are in the right place! Tim Burton is an American producer, animator, and director. Here are the recent developments on Tim Burton.

How old is Tim Burton, and where was he born?

Born: August 25, 1958 (age 64 years), Burbank, California, United States.

How much is Tim Burton worth?

Net worth: $100 Million

Who is Tim Burton married to?

Lena Gieseke (m. 1987–1991)

What are some of Tim Burton’s most popular directed movies?

Beetlejuice, Corpse Bride, Batman, Sleepy Hollow

How many children does Tim Burton have?

Nell Burton, Billy Raymond Burton

What is the height of Tim Burton?

Height 5′11″, Weight 167 lbs

What are Tim Burton’s measurements?

Measurements: Not available.

Tim Burton Quotes on Life

Tim Burton played one of the most influential roles in modern filmmaking. He has directed some of the All-time popular movies, including Batman, Beetlejuice, The Corpse Bride, and many more. Here are some famous quotes by Tim Burton on life.

  • “Visions are worth fighting for. Why spend your life making someone else’s dreams?.”
  • “Movies are like an expensive form of therapy for me.”
  • “It’s good as an artist to always remember to see things in a new, weird way.”
  • “I’ve always been misrepresented. You know, I could dress in a clown costume and laugh with the happy people but they’d still say I’m a dark personality.”
  • “One person’s crazyness is another person’s reality.”
  • “Anybody with artistic ambitions is always trying to reconnect with the way they saw things as a child.”
  • “I always liked strange characters.”

Tim Burton’s Net Worth – $100 Million

Tim Burton FAQ

What is Tim Burton’s style called?

We now refer to Tim Burton’s films and others that imitate them as Burtonesque because of their distinctive aesthetic. Every aspect of his movies exhibits the Burtonesque, including the screenplay, lighting, music, characters, and, of course, the production design.

Is Tim Burton related to Coraline?

Despite their resemblance, Tim Burton had nothing to do with the creation of Coraline. Henry Selick is the Wendell & Wild director who also worked on Coraline, but far too many people have mistakenly credited Burton with the well-received Neil Gaiman comic book adaptation.

How many Batmans did Tim Burton do?

When it comes to his opinions on specific artistic decisions made in the Batman franchise following his departure, Tim Burton does not mince words. In a brand-new interview with Empire, Burton, who directed Batman in 1989 and its follow-up, Batman Returns, in 1992, commented on his movies in front of the latter’s 30th anniversary.

Tim Burton Wiki

Born: August 25, 1958, Burbank, CA
Spouse: Lena Gieseke (m. 1987–1991)
Children: Nell Burton, Billy Raymond Burton
Production companies: Skellington Productions, Tim Burton Productions
Height: 6′ 0″
Awards: David for Cinematic Excellence: Lifetime Achievement Award

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