Top 13 Dog Friendly Beaches in Manitoba in 2023

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The beautiful province of Manitoba is home to more than 100,000 lakes – that’s a lot of beaches and swimming areas to choose from! But part of spending the day at the beach should also include your best friend.

There are a number of beaches that don’t allow dogs, so it’s important to know where you are allowed to take your dog. We’ve dug up 13 dog-friendly beaches, some of which feature off-leash areas while others allow dogs, but they must be leashed at all times. Hopefully, you and your dog will find a gorgeous beach for you both to enjoy!


Top 13 Dog Friendly Beaches in Manitoba

Off-Leash Dog-Friendly Beaches in Manitoba

1. Grand Beach Provincial Park

  • Grand Beach is a part of Lake Winnipeg and is the sixth-largest lake in Canada.
  • Off-leash area for dogs is on the East Beach on the west end.
  • Has 3 km of fine white sand.
  • Beautiful sand dunes, some of which are as high as 9 metres (30 feet)!
  • Two self-guided walking trails – Ancient Beach Trail and Spirit Rock Trail.

2. Manipogo Provincial Park

  • Off-leash area on the west side of the Main Beach.
  • Found on the western shore of Lake Manitoba.
  • Campground surrounded by spruce and poplar trees, which protects against the winds.
  • Quiet and not as well-known or as well-used as other parks.
  • Manipogo is actually named after a mythical sea monster – who knows, maybe you’ll be the one to spot it!

3. Rainbow Beach Provincial Park

  • The off-leash area is past the Main Beach and east of where the common swimming area is.
  • Quieter place for camping and campsites can be both spacious and private.
  • Year-round activities – everything from canoeing and water skiing to ice fishing and cross-country skiing.
  • Excellent walking trails and great birdwatching.
  • Playground for the kids and shallow water makes it safer for the dogs.

4. Turtle Mountain Provincial Park

  • Max Lake provides a dog-friendly swimming area located west of the Main Beach and east of the boat launch.
  • Plenty of spots for picnics and playgrounds for the children.
  • Warming stations are available for winter activities like cross-country skiing.
  • The park is a protected Wildlife Management Area with plenty of wildlife to see.
  • An abundance of lakes and wetlands as well as waterfowl.

5. Wekusko Falls Provincial Park

  • The swimming area for dogs is on the northeast shore of Wekusko Lake and is north of the boat launch.
  • Grass River runs through a number of rapids and falls which runs into Wekusko Falls.
  • Camping sites are large, and the greenery provides shelter and privacy.
  • Water is calm and clear and great for swimming.
  • Beautiful hike to the falls.

6. Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park

  • The dog-friendly area is on the South Beach, south of the Water Tower.
  • Nice, sandy beach is about 3 km long and borders Lake Winnipeg.
  • Great for lots of activities such as tennis, cycling, water skiing, and fishing.
  • Have a walk along the boardwalk with your best friend.
  • Camping sites are large and greenery helps with privacy.


On-Leash Dog-Friendly Beaches in Manitoba

7. Asessippi Provincial Park

  • Dogs must be leashed when not in the water.
  • Dog-friendly area is on a natural sand bar and is on the northwest side of Shell Mouth Dam.
  • You can rent a canoe or play a round of mini golf.
  • Fishing for walleye is a popular activity at this lake.
  • Campgrounds can accommodate groups and offers electricity.

8. Clearwater Lake Provincial Park

  • The dog-friendly area is on the north side of the Hugo Bay boat launch.
  • Beautiful long white beaches.
  • Gorgeous waters are so clear that you can see as far as 11 metres (35 feet) down!
  • The park features “caves,” which are crevices you can explore.
  • You can camp or stay overnight in a lodge.

9. Grass River Provincial Park

  • Grass River features two lakes that each have dog-designated areas.
  • You can bring your dog to Iskwasum campgrounds on the east side of the boat launch and Gyles Lake on the west side of the main swimming area.
  • Makes for excellent fishing, canoeing, and camping.
  • Large park with moose, caribou, bear, and wolves.
  • Karst Spring Trail is a beautiful hike through the forest, and leashed dogs are welcome.

10. Hecla-Grindstone Provincial Park

  • Dogs are welcome on Sunset Beach in Hecla Provincial Park.
  • Can be a popular spot in the summer, but the park is large enough to accommodate everyone.
  • Features a number of islands and lakes along Lake Winnipeg.
  • Hecla has a picturesque and quite photogenic lighthouse.
  • Lots to explore in Hecla Village with restored buildings with a history of Icelandic settlement.

11. Paint Lake Provincial Park

  • Dog area is found across from the Paint Lake Marina (located on the north side of the furthest parking lot).
  • Beautiful boreal forest scenery and wildlife.
  • The largest marina in Manitoba is found here. It offers a restaurant, lounge, and convenience store, as well as boat, cabin, and canoe rentals.
  • Two campgrounds with basic or electricity service.
  • Lots of activities, such as picnic sites, baseball diamond, and warm-up cabins for winter.

12. Spruce Woods Provincial Park

  • Dogs can enjoy Kiche Manitou Lake, next to the footbridge on the southeast shoreline.
  • Unique desert-like area known as the Spirit Sands with towering sand dunes.
  • Horse-drawn covered wagon rides available.
  • Activities all year round available for the entire family.
  • Yurts, showers, and a laundromat are available for extended visits.

13. Whiteshell Provincial Park

  • The dog-friendly swimming area can be found on Falcon Lake, south of the Main Beach.
  • Classified as a Natural Park to preserve the wilderness of the Manitoba Lowlands Natural Region.
  • Choose from four different hiking trails that take you through lakes and forests, and there is plenty of wildlife to see.
  • Check out the Bannock Point Petroforms – ancient symbols made with stones by First Nations people long ago.
  • Have a walk along the boardwalk near Falcon Lake Beach.

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Provincial parks can be one of the best ways you can spend some time with your dog. Beyond just spending the day at the beach, you can take your dog for hikes through the beautiful forests of Manitoba.

Just remember to bring supplies with you – both for your dog and for the park. Plenty of poop bags so you can clean up after your dog, extra water, snacks, toys, and a long leash!

Featured Image Credit: Karsten Bergmann, Pixabay

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